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Transformer substations and electrical panels


Medium voltage reinforced switchgear with self-blast SF6 circuit-breakers and contactors, vacuum circuit-breakers and contactors

The UNICLAD series medium voltage switchgear is a set of completely normalized modular air-insulated compartments.
Standard units are designed for:

  • Nominal voltages: 7.2kV-12kV-17.5kV-24kV
  • Nominal main bus currents up to 3150A
  • Nominal currents of branches up to 2500A
  • Short-term permissible rated currents up to 40kA for 1 “

Each unit that makes up the UNICLAD series medium voltage reinforced panel is divided into various power cells (busbar cell, line cell, switch cell, voltage transformer cell) and instrument cells, segregated from each other; these units fully respond to the definition of equipment with a reinforced internal metal casing, with totally metallic segregation.