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Transformer substations and electrical panels


Normalized medium voltage switchgear UNICOMP-G series equipped with vacuum and Gas SF6 circuit breakers, SF6 Gas switch-breakers, Gas SF6 switch-disconnectors.

UNICOMP-G series are protected type, prefabricated equipment with the use of switching devices in fixed execution (switch-disconnectors in GAS, rotary vacuum switches in GAS) or removable (vacuum and SF6 circuit-breakers); they are suitable for use in distribution systems with rated voltage up to 24kV and intended for primary substations of medium industrial and civil networks. The series includes switchboards with rated currents up to 1250A for main busbars and branches and with permissible currents up to 25kA effective for 1 “and 62.5kA of peak.

The main features:

  • Nominal voltages: 12kV-24kV
  • Nominal main busbars/branches up to 1250A
  • Short-term permissible rated currents up to 25kA for 1 “
  • SF6 gas insulated vacuum disconnectors
  • SF6 gas insulated switch-disconnectors
  • Vacuum or SF6 circuit breakers
  • Vacuum or SF6 contactors

UNICOMP-G exists in special version as well, specifically designed for TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine): UNICOMP-T