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SCAE can boast nearly fifty years of experience in the design and construction of electrical panels and transformer substations: this has allowed to develop and define the highest quality design and construction standards; the constant attention to the evolution of the reference technical standards and norms and, consequently, of the components to be used and of the construction methods are the aspects that SCAE considers essential in order to offer its customers not only the supply, but a real technical consulting to take charge of the most problematic aspects of each project by anticipating them, still in the preliminary phase, and solving them in the design and construction phase.

For this purpose, the team of electrical designers is constantly kept up to date on the electric standards and design software (ePLAN® and ELCAD®): in particular, SCAE is able to provide a 3D model of each of its products, just to examine deeply, together with the customer’s technicians, what are, or could be, the critical issues to be solved (typically, relative to tunnel transformation substations: overall dimensions; relative to containerized substations / TBM equipment: cable passages, position of the maneuvers, dimensions).

The development in close contact with the Energy Department, as already mentioned for the Automation Department, therefore allows the Customer to focus on other elements of the project, complementary and connected to the electricity sector, saving time and money.