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Transformer substations and electrical panels

UMS – Underground Modular Substation

Tunnel/underground transformer substation UMS series

Always imitated, never equaled, the UMS series represents the pinnacle of SCAE’s experience, research and development and has been specifically designed and built to meet the needs of transformation and distribution of energy (MV/LV) in particular harsh work environments, as massive presence of dust, humidity, significant temperature and pressure excursions (as the main consequence of the Drill & Blast excavations) and with limited installation and transport spaces: its flexibility allows it to be fitted into the most varied conditions of use.

The main features are, therefore:

  • Mechanical strength: the structure is completely self-supporting; the carpentry used and the painting cycles are specially designed and created for harsh environments
  • Flexibility in the design and therefore in the realization thanks to its modular structure
  • Easy transportation and quick installation
  • Quick start-up with cable entry and exit connections only

The UMS series is however fully configurable according to Customers needs; some of the possible features are:

  • Sled made of galvanized sheet (Mannesmann type tube) for dragging/moving with construction site vehicles
  • Undercarriage on rubber wheels
  • Specific steel base: sled or carriage can be removed if necessary and the cabin remains self-supporting and transforms from mobile to fixed
  • External industrial electric outlets
  • Bumper/rock guard in galvanized sheet metal, flat (traditional) or wedge type, reinforced
  • Motor driven cable reels
  • Closing handles in stainless steel, traditional type or reinforced type (with reinforcement closing rod, specifically adopted to resist the depressions created by Drill & Blast excavations)
  • Anti Fire or fire detection system
  • Local / remote command and control system for users / loads via PLC / HMI / SCADA
  • Internal arc detection and protection system
  • Specific certified version for Hazardous Location/Explosive Atmosphere: UMS-ExP
  • Specific version for installation on TBM (Tunnel Boring Machines): UMS-T