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Apparatus For TBM

T line, switchboards and substations for TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)

When, in the early 90s, the first TBM manufacturers turned to SCAE, they were looking for a product that they had not yet found on the market, since the features they needed seemed to be in opposition to each other: extremely compact size, but extraordinary ability to dissipate heat; unprecedented strength and torsional rigidity, but capacity to absorb the vibrations given by the TBM excavation activities; shapes and measures far from any consolidated standard to adapt to the narrow spaces of the tunnels, but uncompromising reliability as one would expect from a “mature” and tested product on the market.
Thanks to its ability to think and build “outside the box”, SCAE has created a line of specific products for these Customers, the -T line, successfully combining apparently irreconcilable products requirements.
Now, almost thirty years later, the needs and expectations of Customers have evolved but have not changed: the -T product line has been able to renew itself and evolve according to new technologies, keeping its exceptional characteristics of strength, reliability and compactness unchanged, that have made it the market reference.