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UMS-T – Underground Modular Substation for TBM

Modular transformer sub station for TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) UMS-T series

The UMS-T series modular transformer substation has been designed for specific use on board TBMs; the transformer has different secondary voltages depending on their use, in fact they have:

  • 400V secondary circuit to feed all TBM services (belts, fans, air conditioning systems, pumps); generally this type of transformer substations is connected to the distribution panels of the UNIPOWER-T series UNIPOWER-T and / or to the control panels of the UNICONTROL-T series UNICONTROL-T
  • 690V secondary circuit to feed frequency converters, which control the TBM Cutterhead; generally this type of transformer substations is connected to the VFD panels named UNIDRIVE-T series UNIDRIVE-T

The UMS-T units take special measures to optimize the frequency converters system (which notoriously generates high harmonics) severely limiting the harmonics perturbations present on the line.
Due to the presence of severe issues of the harsh work environment in which the UMS-T series operates, it can, on request, be equipped with specific accessories, as:

  • Specific vibration isolation systems in order to eliminate vibrations, resulting from excavation, which are particularly harmful to transformers
  • Vibrations data logger system, releasing log file available for consultation and analysis
  • Configurable recorder of the main electrical parameters/measures, with log file generation downloadable via USB-key for consultation and analysis