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Transformer substations and electrical panels

ICS – Infrastructure Containerized Substation

Building yard/fixed plant containerized transformer substation ICS series

The ICS series was conceived and designed to solve problems relating to the transformation and distribution of energy (MV/ LV), both for cable and overhead networks, in the infrastructures sector or, in general, in plants where are unavoidable:

  • Ease of lifting for handling, positioning and commissioning on site
  • Easy transport

The structure is, in fact, monolithic, self-supporting with normalized corner blocks (q.ty 8), walls and roof in thick corrugated steel sheet; the dimensions, following international transport standards (ISO 668: 2013/2020) (ISO 668:2013/2020), allow you to avoid the use of the expensive “Exceptional Transport”.

The standard equipment includes:

  • Transformer compartment, easy to access with locking by means of safety lock doors and equipped with a fan that allows constant and adequate heat exchange
  • Insulated roof to reduce the heat caused by exposure to solar radiation, with the possibility of also insulating the perimeter walls
  • Access to the control modules with fire door and panic bar
  • Grids on access doors and hatches to allow natural ventilation
  • Internal set-up, such for example SHUKO / International sockets, lighting lamps with buffer battery, fire extinguishers
  • Floor made of checkered sheet metal with removable plates for the housing and interconnection of our electrical panels UNICOMP, UNIPOWER, UNICONTROL series

Some equipment on request:

  • Different sizes from ISO standards
  • External industrial electrical outlets
  • Conditioning systems
  • Fire detection or antifire systems
  • Internal arc detection and protection system
  • Local / remote command and control system for motors/loads via PLC/HMI/SCADA

The ICS series is however fully configurable according to the needs of the Clients and allows, thanks to its remarkable versatility, the recovery once the construction site is finished and the reuse in other and different work environments.